Classic smiles with confidence

Classic Dentures have helped hundreds of clients to smile, and live, with confidence!

The key to a successful smile starts with understanding our clients' needs.

We let you ask the questions before we do...then we take time to make sure you understand the treatment we recommend and exactly what it is we're providing you with.

We give you time to take the information away with you, read and understand it before making an informed decision.

If you would like to smile with confidence, please contact us or have a look at our Before and After Gallery.

About Classic Dentures

Classic Dentures principal Arnie Jabour has been helping people smile with confidence for over thirty years.

His start in the dental industry came in the Royal Australian Navy as a dental assistant and technician, a position which saw him complete 20 years of service.
Consistently training to improve his skills, Arnie completed many levels of training including a Diploma of Teaching, Master Ceramics, Success in Small Business and a Diploma of Dental Health and Technology.

His career flourished in civilian life, with qualifications in Biofunctional Prosthetic Systems (BPS), Consultant Qualification, Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics and a Certificate of Construction of Implant Over Dentures.

Arnie offers his clients many years of experience and knowledge of the diverse and ever-changing world of dental prosthetics.
But most importantly, he is your trusted partner who will capably guide you through the clinical and technical aspects of dentures and dental implants with a clear goal to achieve a classic smile.

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