After Care

As with any purchase you make, the proper care and maintenance can make all the difference to its longevity.

At Classic Dentures, we want you to get the best out of your denture or dental implant and will offer you a comprehensive care program, as well as recommendations for the appropriate home-based care of your new smile.

Care Program

We encourage you to visit us every 6 -12 months for regular check-ups and contact us if you have any concerns or questions about the day-to-day use of your dentures or dental implants.

Your oral health is our concern, we are one of the only practitioners, that examines your mouth for oral pathologies. We refer any anomalies to a Dental Surgeon for investigation.

At your recall visits we will check the following:

  • Your dentures for fit and function

  • Your oral health

  • The health of your remaining teeth

  • The health of your implants and Implant prosthesis

Your questions on care?

So much has changed in the manufacturing of dentures in the past 100 years we also need to change the way we advise patients on the care of their dentures and their mouth.

Can I wear my dentures overnight?

Dentures are now made of much more oral friendly materials and therefore do not need to be taken out and soaked every night. The oral fluids do not penetrate the dentures and make them a haven for bacteria, like they did in the older denture materials.

The following protocols should be used to keep your dentures clean and free from harmful bacteria:

Take your dentures out every morning and night and clean them with a soft brush and denture cleaner. Soak if desired.

  • Brush your gums with a soft brush to stimulate blood flow and remove food and bacteria.

  • It is better for your joint health if you sleep with your dentures in, they can also help with sleep apnoea

  • Attend your 6 -12 monthly Denture Recall appointment even if you feel everything is okay.

Dental Implant Maintenance

If you have dental implants or implant retained overdentures, it is very important to think of these as requiring the same attention to hygiene and maintenance as natural teeth.

Therefore, you should clean them in the same way with brushing and flossing. Regular Hygiene visits are recommended. Always attend your recall appointments when requested.

Classic Dentures aim to give you the right information to care for your classic smile!


A beautiful smile can be achieved with Classic Dentures. Book today, and let us explain our approach to give you the classic smile you deserve.

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