Denture Relining

Why do I need a reline?

Dentures need to be relined every 2-3 years because of bone loss happening under the denture, this changes the shape of the gums and makes your denture loose.

Relining/ rebasing a denture is designed primarily to correct a poor fitting denture, by replacing the poor fitting surface with a new more accurately adapted one. This is done by taking an impression in the existing dentures and re-adapting the borders of the denture and fitting its surface to the current shape of the underlying gums and bone.

Existing teeth
Bone loss after extraction

Many years of bone loss @.50mm per year


How do I know I need a reline?

Other than the obvious pain and an inability to chew, you may also have instability of one or both of your dentures, you will see visible signs when you look in the mirror, that your vertical distance between the upper and lower jaws is getting closer together.

This causes the face to collapse and the lower jaw to push forward, you may also notice your lip profile gets smaller.



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