Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures

This technique was developed by Dr Jiro Abe of Japan, Dr Abe, as a practicing Dentist saw many of his patients struggling with an unstable complete lower denture.

Usually this can be corrected or improved with the aid of implants to retain the denture, but in Japan only around 2% of his patients were able to afford or were suitable to have implants. Dr Abe made it his mission to find a better way of making a stable lower denture, so after many years of research and development he released the SEMCD technique in 1999. Dr Abe also combined SEMCD with the BPS precision denture protocols to ensure the worldwide success of his technique.

The Process

This process is underpinned by the BPS Clinical Protocols and employs a precise impression technique to record the patient’s exact lower denture border outline. During the impression process the patient is asked to make a series of movements that record the functional impression and make it possible for us create a denture with a complete denture border seal and in many cases lower denture suction.


BPS / SEMCD Denture offer our patients a more stable lower denture with the possibility of suction.
In most cases the shape of the denture allows for a more harmonious relationship with the denture, surrounding tissues and muscles, this improves the food flow around the denture reducing food particles getting trapped under the dentures. 


Arnie is practicing as a Dental Prosthetist and was one of the first 2 non-Japanese to become Master instructors Certified to teach Dr Abe's Suction Effective lower denture technique. More recently he has lectured with Dr Abe in Australia, SE Asia and New Zealand. Arnie continues to teach Dr Abe’s techniques to both Prosthetist and Dentists in Australia.


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