Immediate & Transitional Dentures

Immediate denture is the term to describe the replacement of a lost tooth or teeth at the same time of extraction.

This allows time for healing and a transition into the final prosthesis, while maintaining a relatively normal appearance and function.


This process is the preferred method of placing a denture over the top of the extraction site, providing protection and a physical barrier over the blood clot, enabling a cleaner, safer healing. Think of the denture as a pressure dressing over the wound.

The Stages

With the extraction site healing the tissue and bone underneath will shrink away from the denture and will need to be refitted as this happens. We also use tissue conditioners or medicated liners to aid in the healing, this process can take months to complete, in some cases, tissue conditioners and relining may need to be done several times. Therefore, its’ very important to attend all of your follow-up appointments so we can complete this process and ensure the correct fit of your dentures.

Because there is a certain amount of educated guesswork goes into the design of the initial Immediate transitional dentures, the fitting surface, denture border outline and bite will need to be adjusted as healing progresses. 

At your regular review visits we will adjust your bite and improve your ability to chew. 


A beautiful smile can be achieved with Classic Dentures. Book today, and let us explain our approach to give you the classic smile you deserve.

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